Step 1

Complete Drivers Education

 If you are between the ages 15 ½ and 17 ½ then you are considered a Teenager. You need to complete our Online DMV approved Drivers Education program. This course is also offered in the Classroom (Call for Schedule). Once you complete this course you will be issued a Certificate of Completion (Form DL400C). So don’t waste any more time. Call Top Notch Driving School at (805)201-2560 or Click HERE to SIGNUP



Step 2

Take the California Permit Test

 Once you complete your Drivers Education you will be issued a Certificate of Completion in the MAIL.  If you did the Online Class you will be issues a Pink Certificate of Completion (Form DL400C)

If you did the in Classroom Driver Education you will be issues a Blue Certificate of Completion Form (DL400B)

IMPORTANT: Only after you have received your certificate then book you DMV Permit Test.  DMV will not allow you to take the written test if you do not have 1 of these certificates.

 For More Details on Forms and Process CLICK HERE


Step 3

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons – 6 Hours in-car Driving Lessons

 You will need to wait 6 Months and 1 day to take your Actual Driving Test. Your time starts on the Day you pass your written test (the ISSUE date on your Permit)

VERY IMPORTANT:  Your Permit is not VAILD until it is signed by a DMV Licensed Instructor.  

During these 6 Months:

 1. The DMV requires you to do 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel with a Licensed Driving School Like Top Notch Driving School.

 2. You are required to Practice 50 Hours with an Adult 25 year or Older, 10 Hour of the 50 need to Night Time Practice.


Step 4

Take the CA Driving Test

Once you have completed you 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training. You will receive a GOLD Certificate of Completion – Form DL 400D

Only when you have this Certificate in your hand should you schedule you Actual Driving Test. If you are between 15 ½ and 17 ½ years old you need this Certificate.  The DMV will not allow you to take the Driving Test unless you have this Certificate.

If you still have more QUESTIONS then please call Top Notch Driving School at

(805)201-2560 Or Sign Up Online at WWW.TOPNOTCHDRIVINGSCHOOL.C OM  and LET us HELP YOU get your license



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