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Driving Schools in Oxnard, Camarillo, and Thousand Oaks Located at 360 Mobil Ave #207D, Camarillo, CA. 93010

We are a driving School built on experience. Our Instructors are trained driving instructors with over 30 years combined experience. We are licensed by the state of California. Our Driving School license number is E4592

We are Working on becoming the leading Driving School in Ventura and Santa barbara Counties

We were already voted the best driving school in Oxnard for 2014 and 2015.

70% of our business our word of mouth. This only happens because, when a student was satisfied with our driver training course and is excited about passing, they pass the goodness along to their friends and family

We make the entire CA Drivers License Process Easy.


Done Online or over the Phone(805)201-2560


We pick you up at your Home, School, Work etc


We drop you off at location of your choice


Teen Drivers are handed their certificate of completion after they meet their 6 hour requirement and have passed our required training

Driver ED

All done online at your own pace in your own environment


Many options available (Click Here)

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We pride ourselves as being EDUCATORS
We pride ourselves as being EDUCATORS
with our classroom being on wheels. We offer Teen Driving Lessons, Adult Driving Lessons and even Senior Driving Lessons in Oxnard, Ventura, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Ojai, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Simi Valley, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Westlake,Calabasas, Canoga Park and Reseda. Our Online Drivers Ed is one of the best in it class and we love to brag about our high pass rate for both California Learners Permit and California Drivers License.
Our Cars
Our Cars
For the DMV to approve our cars for Behind the Wheel Training. All of ours car are inspected and certified by an ASE certified Company. They equipped with a Dual Brake and Gas pedal, Instructor Rearview mirror and Student Driver Decals so that the instructor can keep your child/students safe at all times.
Teen and Adult Behind the wheel Driver Training
Teen and Adult Behind the wheel Driver Training
Our desire is to put SAFE and DEFENSIVE drivers on the road with our Behind the wheel training program methods. The Methods we teach you will not only help you pass your driving test but will prepare you for your life's journey on the road, driving thousands of hours in your life time
Supplemental lessons
Supplemental lessons
Top Notch Driving School offers one-on-one, customized behind-the-wheel training sessions that address specific skill development for individual students. These training sessions are called "Supplemental" and are outside the formal state driver education program. Our instructors can tailor their training to assist students who have recently had a traffic infraction, need additional drive time or need a tune up.
    1. Complete Online Drivers Ed or Behind The Wheel and receive certificate of completion
    2. Enroll with Top Notch Driving School for Behind the Wheel training.
    3. Fill out the driver's license application form DL44 and have both parents/guardians sign the form
    4. Make an appointment with your local DMV office for the written permit test.
    5. Schedule your Behind the Wheel Training Course with Top Notch Driving School – CA State required 6 hours of professional, licensed drivers training course.
    6. Complete 6 hours of Driver training or more if needed
    7. Make an appointment to take the final driver's license test.
    8. Pass and you're done!
  • Top Notch driving school instructors are trained to deal with all types of drivers ranging from brand new too nervous to licensed drivers who need to refresh their driving skills. All students begin in-car training with different levels of experience. Therefore, our driving instructors will evaluate your abilities and learning speed and provide you with an estimate of how much time it may take for you to become a safe driver.

    We break our lessons down into two phases:

    Phase 1 Getting Control of the Car
    Each student is evaluated in and taught basic skills such as: Speed Control, Lane Control, Turns, Lane Changes, Steering Control, Judgment of Distance, Braking, reversing, Following Distance, Mirror Settings,Seating Posture, and much more!P

    Phase 2 Defensive Driving
    It is our goal to produce safe drivers, so we teach the Smith System of Defensive Driving. It has been said that the "Smith System" is the ultimate defensive driving system. The "Smith System" is comprised of five important key points that help us gather information, process that information, and make informed driving decisions.

    > Learn more about this course

  • First: Sign up to Top Notch Online Drivers ED - Here with our award winning online study material we help you study for you written exam

    Second: Gather all Documents and Fees

    You will need following together for test day:
    a. Completed form DL 44 (originals only; complete with parent signatures); Call the DMV to receive this application by mail
    b. Proof of your true full name
    c. Social security number
    d. An acceptable document proving birthday and legal presence
    e. Proof of drivers Ed completion (We will mail you your certificate once you have completed your online course)
    f. Application fee

    Third: Take the written exam at your local DVM
    Note: Be Prepared for an Eye Exam

  • Get Your License in California
    Important: If you are younger than 18 you must first take a Driver's Ed course, get a permit and complete a driver's training program for in-car instruction before applying for a California provisional driver license.:

    First: Choose the License Type
    Whether you are a teenager ready to get behind the wheel or you just moved to the state, you must obtain a driver's license to legally operate a motor vehicle on California roads. The state offers the following types of licenses, valid for four years:

    • Class C (regular driver's license for all passenger cars, pickups, SUVs, and recreational vehicles (RVs) 40 feet long or less)
    • Class M1/M2 (motorcycle)
    • Noncommercial Class A or B (see below for vehicle details)
    • Commercial (CDL)

    Second: Take a Driver's Education Course
    Younger than 18Driver's Ed is a requirement.
    18 and Older ― If you are obtaining a Class C license for the first time, you should consider completing a driver's education class.

    (learn more)

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We are Top Notch Driving School. We are one of the best driving schools in Ventura County. Our driving schools specialize in new driver, teen, adult driving classes and driving lessons. We offer a one on one training class and get you ready for your license and the open road. Driving schools located in Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park. Educating Teen's and Adult in Driver's Training and Online Drivers Ed. Call (805) 201-2560 to schedule an appointment with a driving instructor or visit our website for more information and special offers at http://www.topnotchdrivingschool.com/locations/simivalley.html