Driving is a great skill. It brings joy and make you more independent. Yet doing it wrong can make your life miserable. Focus is very important when you're driving. In order to keep your focus on the road you need to practice good driving habits. Especially for the teen drivers who are energetic and new to driving. Good driving lessons can be life savers. So here I would like to give some teen driving lessons.

1. Don't drive under any influence of drugs When we say drugs that includes pain killers and some other medications too. Some people's body react to some medicine different than others. So if you're using new medication it's better to skip driving until you know the effect of the medicine. And of course don't drive if you're drunk. Do you know that in California 80% of teen driving accidents occurred due to drunk driving? So remember to control yourself not to drive when you're drunk 2. Take some rest if you need. Don't over drive. You may have to cover a long distance but you need to be rested before driving. Especially if you're a teen driver you should be more careful when you're driving between 11pm -2:00am. If you feel sleepy then you shouldn't drive at all. Give the wheels to someone else or take a quick nap at least 20-50 minutes before you go further. Don't try to cloud your sleep with tea or coffee. It may be good for few hours but it's a not good practice to follow frequently. 3. Make sure that you take driving lessons from a qualified instructor It's important to for a teen to learn driving lessons from a qualified instructor. Learn only the right way and you will never be a bad driver. Simple things like using only one foot to push the paddles can save your life. It's really hard to change your driving style later. 4. Practice some good driving habits Try chewing Gums while driving. It’s good for your teeth and it will increase your awareness. Sit up straight on your seat while driving. This way you will feel less sleepy and won't have any back pain after long drive. Don't eat, drink or use your mobile phone while you're driving. 50 % of teen drivers in California accept that they text when they drive. You may start this habit when you're stuck in the traffic. But this will continue even if you're driving at high speed. So make sure that you keep your mobile phone out of your reach while driving. 5. Know your limits This is the most important teen driving lesson. We all have a limit of speed that we are capable of preventing an accident. This is depending on our reaction time. For teens the reaction time is lower than an older driver. But this doesn't mean that you can go racing like you're playing “need for speed”. Stay patient and driving in your comfort zone is really important. When it comes to teen driving I and teens remember to take your time with your driving. Safety comes first in teen driving lessons  

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