Student Driver Policy Guidelines

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Classroom/Driving Rules and Regulations

1. A student must complete the course within 90 days. If a student takes longer than 90 days to complete the course, he will have to retake the course and repay the full tuition to restart the session. No refunds will be issued after 90 days and payments are non-transferable. 

2. A student is expected to attend all classroom sessions. He is required to successfully complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving (behind-the-wheel) instruction. He must pass every written test with at least an 80% mark.

3. A student is allowed to miss up to three (3) classes for a valid reason. A make-up session for this absence will be made at a later scheduled time. If the student misses four classes, he will be dropped from the course automatically. Reasonable accommodations will be made for a student with learning disabilities.

4. A student is required to be PUNCTUALLY on class (both classroom and driving sessions) at the time scheduled by the instructor; anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late or is habitually late will not be given credit for that session. He is also required to return to class from the given breaks at the arranged time. A student is obliged to sit an additional instruction time at the end of class if he fails to observe the arranged class schedule for an additional fee.

5. A student must be prepared to actively participate in all classroom work. Sleeping during class is not allowed. If a student is caught doing so, he may be dismissed from class and is required to take a make-up class later for an additional fee.

6. The use of cell phones and pagers during class is strictly not allowed. These devices must be turned OFF before coming to class. Any electronic devices like iPods, gaming devices, etc. are also not permitted to be used at any time during class. If a student is caught using any of the said device during class this will be taken away and not returned until the end of class.

7. A student must show respect for his instructors and fellow classmates. Talking, or any distracting behavior, which interferes with students learning and instructors teaching will not be tolerated. Sleeping in class is also not allowed. A student behaving in any of this manner may be dismissed from class.

8. Smoking, swearing, or any disruptive behavior will also not be tolerated during class. A student is also forbidden to smoke within the school premises unless there is a designated area for smoking. If a student is dismissed from the class due to behavioral problems, cheating, smoking, drug related issues, etc., there will be no returning to the class at a later date, no refund of class tuition, and will not be allowed to enroll in class again.

9. Vandalism of any (Name of Driving School) property is STRICTLY prohibited. A student caught for vandalism may be dismissed from the class with no refund, charges for repairs will be assessed, and parents will be notified (for teen drivers).

10. A student is permitted to bring food and drinks in the classroom. An EXCEPTION to this is gum or sunflowers seeds. You are expected to clean up your own mess before leaving the room after class.

11. A parent or a guardian is required to pick up the student PROMPTLY on time. A fine of $10 will be paid if the instructor has to wait for more than 20 minutes after the class has ended. This must be paid before a completion certificate is issued.

12. All deposits will be forfeited and non-refundable if at any time a student is dismissed from class (both from classroom and driving sessions) for any violation. Payment will be required in case of re-enrollment.

Driving Rules and Regulations

13. A student is required to have his Learner’s Permit for him to be scheduled for any driving hours at the end of the classroom course. The student must bring this permit to all in-car sessions or he will not be permitted to drive. We will schedule driving times after the student has received his learner’s permit.

14. It is the student and/or parents responsibility to cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled driving appointment if the student is unable to attend. If a student/parent fails to cancel within the required 24-hour notice, or is not present on the scheduled driving time, a charged of $50 for No-Show fee must be paid prior to any future driving appointments.

15. If in case a student needs extra driving instructions, an extended time for driving will be provided for $95 per session.

16. A student arriving to a driving session intoxicated or under the influence of a drug or alcohol will be dropped from the course immediately without a tuition refund and will not be allowed to enroll again.

17. No refund for any tuition monies or any part thereof when actual services have been rendered.

18. All sessions of the course must be completed before a completion certificate will be issued to a student. A student will not receive a certificate of completion in cases of the following:

  • Not yet paid in full
  • Incomplete class homework or assignments
  • Failing average (80%) on chapter tests or final exam
  • If a certificate is lost, there will be a $50 certificate replacement fee.

PLEASE READ THE STUDENT POLICIES (Classroom/Driving Rules and Regulations).
By signing this, you agree to all terms and rules listed above.

Full Name (including middle name) as it appears in birth certificate.

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Student’s Signature    _________________________

Parent Name        ___________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature    _________________________

Date         _________________________

This form is to be mailed to Top Notch Driving (701 Pontoon Way, Oxnard, CA. 93035 prior to the first day of class. Unfinished/unfilled form will not be allowed to begin the class until this form is presented with parent and student signature.