Top Notch Driving School Online Drivers Education, Teen Behind The Wheel Training

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Starting $295.00

Top Notch driving school instructors are trained to deal with all types of drivers ranging from brand new too nervous to licensed drivers who need to refresh their driving skills. All students begin in-car training with different levels of experience. Therefore, our driving instructors will evaluate your abilities and learning speed and provide you with an estimate of how much time it may take for you to become a safe driver.

We break our lessons down into two phases:

Phase 1 Getting Control of the Car

Each student is evaluated in and taught basic skills such as:

  • Speed Control
  • Lane Control
  • Turns
  • Lane Changes
  • Steering Control
  • Judgment of Distance
  • Braking
  • Reversing
  • Following Distance
  • Mirror Settings
  • Seating Posture

The driving school curriculum includes:

  • Smooth start and stop
  • Making safe left and right turns
  • Learning to safely enter and exit intersections
  • Making safe lane changes
  • Proper use of mirrors and checking blind spots
  • Driving in traffic
  • Parking: parallel, perpendicular, and diagonal
  • Turn About

Once a student can master this curriculum we will move to more difficult activities such as:

  • Left and right turns in heavy traffic
  • Lane changes in heavy traffic
  • Driving in heavy traffic
  • Night driving
  • Driving in bad weather situations


Phase 2 Defensive Driving

It is our goal to produce safe drivers, so we teach the Smith System of Defensive Driving. It has been said that the "Smith System" is the ultimate defensive driving system. The "Smith System" is comprised of five important key points that help us gather information, process that information, and make informed driving decisions. Professional drivers have used the "Smith System" across the United States, since 1952. New drivers often have bad judgment but with experience and using the Smith System we think that even new drivers can avoid dangerous situations.

Our driving school user's cars with Dual brakes that the instructor can use to control the car.